Sep 14, 2009

Little Burundi Girl Falls in Love with Jesus

Among the huge throng at the altar, one little girl stood out. I had invited the audience numbering close to 10,000 at the last service on Sunday Sept 13th to consider Christ and His claims. Several hundred people, somewhere in the tune of 300, poured into the altar area and the adjacent isles. All were in penitent prayer and supplication as they responded to the call to fully and unreservedly commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

I was leading these respondents in a prayer of salvation and rededication when I noticed her.

Aged about 10 years old, she stood among them, right next to the podium. She raised her hands in a receiving posture. Tears flowed so freely from her eyes. Her lips quivered gently. Her entire countenance overflowed in absolute surrender. Jesus was definitely embracing her fully and she was giving it all back to Him. What love! What amazing love of God I saw in that moment as I paused to watch!

I was in turn deeply touched and moved. "Dear Lord, if only I could experience a little bit of what she is experiencing with you right now!" I prayed. Of course I was the preacher. But this sight was totally marvelous. Totally blissful and I could not help but desire. It was worth the thousands of miles and dollars we travelled and spent to come to Burundi. It was worth it to see one little girl among 10,000 fall in love with Jesus.

And so I stopped the 10,000+ crowd of people gathered for this final service of the Festival of Hope. I called attention to the little girl. I invited her up onto the podium by me. I held her tightly by my side like Jesus would.
She looked up into my eyes. She was totally submitted. No attempt to wipe her tears away. No resistance in her frame. Just love. Pure love and innocence. She was in love with Jesus. She was a perfect picture of a sorrowful heart. One that at last had found and embraced the Joy of the Lord.

"Jesus is here. He is in this place. This is what He does for all who come to Him like this little girl," I announced in the microphone.

Several people stood up in the back, curious to glimpse the little girl. "God is working in this place. He is establishing a new thing for Burundi. Will you, will you open yourself up like my little sister here?" I asked. A harsh fell over the audience. Then a whispering and hallowed sound.

Finally, squeezing her by my side one more time I prayed with her and for the rest of the people at the altars.

We give God the glory for what He has done in Burundi over the last one week. Overall 40,000+ people attended the four days of the Festival of Hope. Several hundreds have given their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time or rededicated themselves. I will get the full report from the local churches later. 206 Christian leaders were equipped through the Leadership and Governance Conference.

Our team of five, three from the United States and two from Kenya, were greatly blessed and impacted. We are overjoyed to be a part of God's dealings with the people of Burundi. Hundreds of our ministry partners and supporting congregations in the United States share in our joy which is also the Joy of Christ. To God be the glory, honor, power and praise! Amen!