Dec 7, 2010

Help SWIM Ministry Through A Generous End-Year Gift Reach More People in 2011

Dear SWIM Partner,

2010 has been an incredible year as we have followed Christ to bring hope through evangelism and Leadership training to thousands of people locally and internationally.

Minnesota 2010
 Earlier in the year, we hosted the Evening of Hope in Brooklyn Center, a Suburb of Minneapolis, MN as part of our local outreach. We ministered to 560 young people, 93 of them inquiring about Christ for the first time.

Additionally, each week Suzanne and I have travelled to minister, encourage, and equip believers in dozens of local churches around the country.  Our ministry took us to more than 20 congregations around the United States.

Rwanda 2010

Our overseas missions saw us work alongside churches in the countries of Rwanda, Kenya, and Malawi with a cumulative attendance at the outreach events of 80,000 people. As we proclaimed the gospel of Christ, an estimated 20,000 people made commitments to Christ throughout our mission.

Malawi 2010

We give God the glory for this great favor and blessing we have enjoyed as a ministry.  We pray daily that the many people who have been reached through these efforts will continue to stand and to grow in their love for Jesus Christ.  Will you pray with us too?

As the year draws to a close, we are eager to continue to serve the church locally and world-wide in 2011. We currently have over sixty invitations from churches in several countries pleading if we would partner with them to bring the evangelistic ministry and message of hope to their communities. We would love to respond affirmatively to each one of them. But as you and I know, the cost of such ministry is always significant. We need you to help us to at least respond to a few. 

Kenya 2010

Would you consider an end-of-year tax-free financial gift to SWIM Ministries this Christmas season to help us cover outstanding overhead ministry expenses for 2010 as well as launch into 2011 on a positive note? As God speaks to your heart, give generously. Thank you for your love for Christ, partnership with us in ministry, and confidence in service to Christ.  Donate by following this link

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!
Serving together by His Power and for His glory,

Rev. Sammy Wanyonyi

Oct 15, 2010

From the Sidelines in Cape Town

Hundreds of delegates from all over the world have arrived here in Cape Town and many more are on their way for this historic congress on World Evangelization.  Pray for God's Mighty Spirit to grip all the participants to leave here with a burning fire.  Revival now!.

Oct 13, 2010

How About Our Generation?

View of Table Mountains

Cape Town, what a spectacular and scenic city surrounded by the majestic Table Mountains.   
Monday, Moments after arriving at Cape Town Airport.

Yesterday we held one of our congress briefing sessions in a small town called Wellington, about an hours' drive from Cape Town. This happens to be the town where Andrew Murray, famous for His faith-based ministry over a hundred years ago, was based.

He ran an orphanage and there were times when there was nothing for the children to eat. But as they prayed, God would miraculously touch somebody to show up with supplies for the orphans. Most significantly, His prayer birthed a revival in South Africa that spread in many directions across Africa. There are amazing tales of God's move then as the man of God spent many days in prayer for revival.

A statue of Andrew Murray
outside a church in Wellington
 Today, a hundred years after his death, his books on prayer are some of the most refreshing one can ever read. I was refreshed seeing the place where he ministered in the city of Wellington and left to ponder whether I can trust God in the same measure as He did for the sustenance of his ministry work.  Whether revival can be equally experienced in our time. Why not revival now during our generation? Why not us?

Doug speaks to congress staff
On the Lausanne Congress, Doug Bardsal, Director of the Congress, spoke to the congress serving teams highlighting the key aspirations of the congress. Short video to follow soon when I can download it.

Sep 24, 2010

Orphaned Kids with Mt. Kilimanjaro-size Faith

Sammy speaks to several thousand believers in multiple services at NPC
Church, Valley Road, Nairobi Kenya on September 14th regarding global missions
For four nights, they had no electricity in their humble dwelling.  When we visited the Great Mercy Children's Center on the outskirts of Kitale town, Kenya on Tuesday earlier this week, the only food they had available was maize and beans cooked together.  
Pastor Ken Kimiywe, Sr. Pastor of NPC welcomes Sammy to speak
to his congregation during the missions emphasis Sunday.

For the most part, the children as well as their caretakers had been fasting and praying that God would provide some money for them to pay for electricity which had been disconnected as well as buy some food.  Other than that, they hardly showed any signs of distress. 

Some among the ninty three kids at the center are as young as two years old. The older ones are in their early teens.  And they all displayed such great faith and confidence in God's ability to supply for their need.  It stuck out to us like the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro raising over the Savannah plains.

Children at Great Mercy Children's Center, Kitale, Kenya
show-off their prayer cards that accompanied a donation 
from SWIM partner children at Westwood Community Church,
Chanhassen, MN. Sept. 21

The walls as well as the roofing of their facility is made of tin.  It was almost noon time when we visited.  Inside the facility was hot and unbearable.  We could not bring our eight month old baby into the building.    The floors, although swept extremely clean are mostly bare concrete.   

In their dorm rooms, several of them sleep on the floor and share blankets.  It is more of a shanty than it is proper housing.  Yet the little boys and girls sat calmly and sung songs of praise to God and of welcome to my wife Suzanne, my sister-law Micah and I. 

Their caregivers shared with us the different stories of how each of the kids got there.  It was one miracle story after another.  
The humble dwelling that serves as the center for 
Great Mercy Children Ministries in Kitale, Kenya.

Finally we opened an envelop that I had been carrying around for almost two months of ministry in Africa containing cards prepared by SWIM ministries partner kids at Westwood Community Church.   The cards bore messages of encouragement and prayer for the kids of Africa in Swahili.  You should have seen the beaming faces as they each openned to see what was written inside.    

Micah Sunderman, Suzanne's sister, shares a message
of hope with Kenyan students at Eluuya Girls High School 
moments before Sammy invited them to receive Christ. 

Then as we sat with the director of the center in her humble office and learned of her faith and boldness, we could not help but appreciate what God is doing through their ministry.  As we prayed and consulted among ourselves, we decided to donate $ 300 that we had received from Westwood kids to help with our ministry while in Africa toward helping with the needs of Great Mercy kids. 

That is when the director broke down with tears of gratitude.  Until then she had not mentioned to us the need they were experiencing at the center.  She had not mentioned that the kids were fasting and praying for provision.  She had not mentioned that one of the kids was in hospital and they needed some funds to cover her medical bill.  
Hundreds of High School girls respond to the invitation to receive
Christ into their lives as Sammy Sr., Sammy Jr. and Suzanne
lead them through prayer of repentance.

But now amazingly, God had answered their prayer through our small gift.  Amazingly, the $ 300 dollars was enough to pay for the reconnection of electricity, pay the medical bill for the sick child as well as afford one different meal for the 93 kids.  This marked a perfect ending to our ministry here in Kenya.

Throughout the week and half of being here, God has given us plenty of opportunity to minister to different groups of people with different needs. 

From ministering to some 12000 believers during services at the high profile congregation of NPC Valley Road in Kenya's capital Nairobi to speaking to High School students at Kamusinga Boys High School and Eluuya girls High School, God's spirit has continued to work great things through us. 

 Following the services at NPC where I exhorted believers to consider seriously God's call to the church to be engaged with global mission, one young lady in her twenties wrote,

"As I write this I have tears in my eyes... n I don't know if they are of joy or guilt or anxiety? I am just not sure. I felt the same as you spoke. My eyes were full of tears as I sat in the balcony listening to you speak...I want to obey God into the great commission so badly and I am praying for direction on how I should proceed." 

Hundreds of students at Kamusinga High School,
Kenya pray with our team moments after we
spoke in their Sunday Service above.

With our mission here in Kenya complete, I just have one commitment here in Africa in the month of October.  I will be joining some 4000 Christian leaders from all the four corners of the earth in Cape Town, South Africa for the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. 

Overall, God has allowed us to minister to some 80,000 people combined in Rwanda, Malawi and here in Kenya.  Of these, some 15,000 people have prayed with us to receive Jesus Christ into their lives as Lord and Savior. We thank our prayer partners for standing with us as we take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.  As the video clip below demonstrates, it is not always easy.  Yet the joy of seeing lives changed surpasses all challenges one may encounter.  To God be the glory!

Sep 5, 2010

Malawi Day 6- Breakthrough At Last as Hundreds Respond in Lilongwe!

Sammy Wanyonyi gives the evangelistic message in
Lilongwe, Malawi on Sunday evening.
Finally, God crowned our efforts with breakthrough as several thousands of people flocked onto the local soccer field in Area 25 of Malawi's Capital Lilongwe, to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Several hundreds responded to the call of Salvation. Now we are praying and looking forward to a great harvest of souls on the closing night of the Festival here tomorrow, Wednesday night.  Until then, it had been a tough week, to say the least. 

On the openning night of the events last Wednesday September 1st, it felt frustrating.  The rally was scheduled to start too late in the night.  The sun sets by 6:00 PM here.  But the events started around 7:30 PM.  In a country where power is unreliable, it was not surprising that half-way through the program we lost power.  The few hundred people that had gathered began to scatter in the dark.  By the time my friend Nick Hall got up to speak, we barely had a a hundred and fifty people on the grounds.  Even so God moved in response to our prayer as I counted 87 people who came forward to receive Christ.

The rest of the days seemed to be moving from one frustration to the next.  We were under resourced, underfunded, and everything showed.Twice on Thursday I preached without a sound system in a dusty street.  At the end of the message, I had lost my voice and was coughing too much phloem.  I had to take Friday off from ministry to rest and recuperate. As Nick continued with the ministry Friday however, several hundred more people gave their lives to Christ in this poor neighborhood of Lilongwe. 

Our hosts had planned a leadership Seminar for Saturday morning.  We were told there would be about 200 local leaders there.  The meeting was scheduled to start at 8:00AM.  But by 10:00 AM, only twenty people were there.  And that was all the people that showed up. We were however, faithful to the mission of Christ and gave it all we had.

The youth rally scheduled for Saturday afternoon during which Nick was to speak to the young people was a fiasco.  It was under-advertised.  And then the real monkey in the wrench...there was a division one soccer match taking place on the same grounds reserved for the youth rally.  As a final resort and after the local pastors negotiating back and forth, the match organizers allowed us to preach to the soccer audience during the half-time break.  And so we rolled our truck onto the field as music blurred.

On Sunday, Nick Hall stepped up and challenged the audience of
several thousands to listen carefully to the invitation.
Some of the audience of about a couple thousand soccer spectators wasn't very appreciative as Nick proclaimed Christ during the 10 minute break.  Thankfully they had no choice.  But as proof that God is always at work, a few individuals responded to the call for Salvation.  One young man testified later, "I came to the field but did not arrive for the soccer match. God wanted me to know Jesus."  

As we finished and drove off the field, the sound speakers began to billow with smoke.  Quite a spectacle, to say the least.  We felt like great fools for Jesus.  A seed had been, nonetheless, planted.  Deeply planted in the hearts of these soccer lovers, whose fruit we will one day see when we meet our Lord.

We had all but given up Saturday night wondering if this mission could be salvaged and if we could justify the expenses of traveling to Malawi.  Then we prayed.  We also asked a few others of our family and friends to pray.  When I stood to speak at one church on Sunday morning to an audience of about 100, I felt a lift in my spirit.  I could feel the anointing of God upon me.  I knew that this was a day with a difference.  I was expectant of great things again.  At that service when I made the altar call, about 14 people responded to place their faith in Jesus Christ including a visiting senior government official. 

Then the real breakthrough came this evening when we walked back onto the same soccer field we were yesterday.  There was no soccer match, but several hundred people had already gathered awaiting the rally to start. 

As the afternoon progressed, we estimated about 4000 people were within the grounds perimeter.  Several hundred others followed the events from the peripheries.  The local pastors estimated about 6-7000 total. A local popular artist warmed them up with great local heats.  Nick stepped up to challenge the audience to listen carefully to the invitation. 

Then I walked on to the stage to proclaim the message of hope and repentance through Christ.  I spoke of God being the God of second chances and wants to forgive our sins.  Throughout the week, we have heard from the locals how they are oppressed and so fearful of the witchdoctors and witchcraft. 

More than half of the audience prayed to receive Christ as personal Savior
There is the problem of poverty, HIV Aids, unemployment, oppressive cultural practices, immorality, etc.  I felt deep compassion as I looked at the eyes of the multitude.  By the grace of God, I called them.  I challenged them.  I beckoned them to come to Christ.  I told them how God does not condemn them but wants to forgive their sin.  I told them they can break free from Satan's dominion.  From the accuser's venom. 

Then I prayed.  I felt vulnerable.  I wondered if the message meant anything to any of them.  I spoke quietly to the Holy Spirit and asked Him to speak to their hearts.  I felt assured.  Then I made an altarcall.  Half of the audience raised their hands. 

I clarified that this was a call only for those needing Salvation because they do not know God as yet.  I expected some hands to go down.  Instead more hands went up.  I repeated the same, emphasizing that only those needing Jesus' forgiveness ought to lift their hands.  Even more hands went up.

God was touching lives.  God was changing eternities of hundreds of Malawians.
There wasn't room at the altar for them.  I asked them to pray with me from whichever place they were standing.  Hundreds of hands were outstretched all over the field.  I prayed with them.  They repeated after my translater Moses in Chechewa, Malawi's national language. 

At one corner at the very back of the field, an old man in his seventies prayed.  At the very front next to the podium, several hundred young kids prayed.  In the middle of the crowd, several dozens of teenagers prayed.  God was moving.  God was touching lives.  God was changing the eternities of hundreds of Malawians.

I asked them to move to the left of the podium to meet with counselors.  Hundreds of them did.  The whole field shifted.  God was moving.  In groups they met with counselors who gave them growth aids.  They were too many for the 200 hundred trained counselors. 

In Groups of 10 or more, new believers met with a trained
counselor. They gave them contact info for follow-up.
In groups of 8-10, they met with a counselor.  A couple hundred kids who had prayed surrounded a team of missionaries visiting from Belgium.  Several hundred adults counselled with Malawian counselors drawn from several churches in the neighborhood.  They got their names, their addresses, and their phone numbers.  They prayed with each of them.

After I left the stage, several kids and adults surrounded me.  They wanted prayer.  They lined up one after another.  Four of them were hard of hearing and wanted God to restore their hearing.  I felt great compassion.  I have never prayed for so many deaf kids in one day in my life.  Then one, about eight years old, asked to be prayed for her tummy.  She had both her palms touching both sides of her prodruding tummy as though she were a pregnant woman.  She said she felt pain.  My guess is she has worms. 

Another one about seven years old said he had malaria. A mother walked to me with two of her kids aged 5 and 7 and requested I lay hands and pray for them because she suspected they are being embodied by witches at night.  It is a strange phenomena but it is the story here in the slums of Lilongwe as we have cris-crossed the streets.  On and on they requested for prayer.  May the Lord hear and answer them.  May He grand them healing.

Continue to pray for the remaining three days of ministry here in Malawi.  Pray that many more will come to Christ especially at the closing rally on Wednesday afternoon.   Pray for our team to remain encouraged and united in faith.  Pray also for us here at SWIM Ministries as we are still in need of some funds to cover our overall ministry here in Africa that moves next to Kenya.  We are still in need of $ 8,475.  My wife Suzanne and son Jr. travel Wednesday to join me for the weekend ministry at Nairobi Pentecostal Church, Valley Road, Kenya.  WHEN WE PRAY, GOD MOVES!  PRAY!

Aug 30, 2010

God is Glorified in Rwanda- Final Report!!

Sammy speaks at the closing rally in Huye, Rwanda, Sunday August 29th as Rwanda's
national director for Africa Evangelistic Enterprise and Huye Mission director John Kalenzi translates.
The final day of the Huye Mission for Jesus was a cellebration and thanks giving as an estimated 6500 people, including the city mayor, gathered for the Jesus march through the streets of Butare and for the final rally at the city soccer stadium. 

To cap the week-long messages off and given the history of Rwanda, I spoke from the book of John 8:1-11 highliting the fact that God is the God of second chances.  He does not condemn us because of our history nor does He bent to our accusers, right though they might be. Rather, he extends His amazing grace to all who are willing to heed His command to "go and sin no more."  

Earlier, believers from all churches in Butare led by their pastors
prayer marched through their city. Pastor Harman Kabutware
president of pastoral forum holds the mic.
I stated that God is the transformer of human character and giver of new identities to both individuals and nations.  As God's people humbly respond to their calling in Rwanda, God is pouring out His mighty Spirit both to heal their genocide wounds and to restore them to a glory greater than they or any other nation in Africa has ever known.  At this final event, 120 more others responded to place their faith in Jesus Christ.

Gary and Cany Kellen participate in the 3 mile prayer
march with local believers on Sunday afternoon
Overall, nearly 50,000 people participated in the public outreach events including the prison outreach and preaching in churches.  A total documented 10,035 people have made decisions for Christ.  250 pastors and 55 other leaders participated at the two-day leadership conference.  An estimated 3,000 students participated in the 5-day University campus revival conference.  

18 local evangelists were trained, equipped and worked alongside me taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to sixteen different zones around the city each day.  300 others were trained, equipped and went door to door around the city.  

On Saturday night, we hosted 50 provincial political leaders representing Rwanda's Southern Province.  They included the provincial secretary who represented the governor, the Mayor of Butare, leaders of Butare chamber of commerce, the military representatives, as well as the key pastoral leaders in the city. 

Following the preaching of God's word, dozens more people
responded to place their faith in Jesus Christ.  A total 10,035
people have come to Christ throughout the week.
At this event, I spoke from the book of Joshua 1:1-10, highlighting the three absolutes of public leadership as outlined to Joshua by Yahweh.  The leaders were touched by God as the provincial secretary later reiterated what she had learned.  The Mayor also testified publicly at the Sunday closing rally that God had ministered to him during the dinner and as consequence, he was going to make himself a plug with words of wisdom from the previous night. 

Following his public testimony, the president of the pastors forum took the initiative to present him with a Bible to the applause of the audience.  A total of 35 local congregations representing different denominations participated in the mission.  God was greatly glorified.
Earlier on Saturday night, Sammy shakes hands with the
Provincial Secretary representing the governor moments
after ministering to them at a special dinner.
Among the amazing stories of the mission was the deliverance of one demon possessed man and the conversion of four well known witch doctors to Christ.

Pray for me as I head to Malawi for the next phase of the mission.  After preaching twenty-two times in seven days, I feel a little warn out.  Pray for renewed strength, for spiritual as well as for physical vitality.  Please pray for another great harvest in Malawi.   

On Wednesday I will be preaching at the openning crusade in Malawi's capital Lilongwe.  Thereafter I will be sharing the week-long preaching responsibilities with friend and partner evangelist Nick Hall of Pulse Outreach as well as local evangelists who are being trained to cover different zones of the city.  Gary and Candy Kellen as well as Pastor Richard Munala who have shared the ministry with me in Kenya and Rwanda are heading back to the United States on Tuesday evening.  Pray for their safe travel.

Earlier on Saturday, Gary and Candy Kellen minister to
orphaned youth among them those infected with HIV AIDS.
As SWIM ministry, we are also in need of financial resources amounting to $ 8,500 to help us cover for this mission's outstanding expenses.  As the Lord speaks to your heart, please help us finish this mission successfully.  Follow the donate button on the right panel of this blog page. 

Aug 28, 2010

Rwanda Day 6 - 40,000 Participate in Events as Hundreds Embrace Christ!

One of University of Rwanda Christian Choirs leads
more than 2000 students in worship on Friday night.
On Friday night, more than 2000 students gathered for the final campus outreach event at the University of Rwanda.  Throughout the week, we have been giving teachings at the University focused on equipping them in their calling as Rwanda's  new generation of leaders. 

For the final message, I spoke on Joshua's call in Joshua 1:1-9.  I highlighted the fact that Joshua's journey was one that progressed from success to significance.  When we encounter him in Joshua 1:1, Joshua is described as Moses' servant.  But at the close of the book, he is described as the servant of Yahweh (Joshua 24:29). 

Moments later, Sammy speaks, challenging the students to
embrace God's new future of hope and healing for the nation of Rwanda
Drawing from the openning verses to Joshua, I highlighted the fact that God's call to Joshua is three fold.  He is being called by God to embrace his past rather than dwell in denial.  Hence God's reminder that Moses is dead. 

Secondly, he is being called by God to surrender or release his past into the hands of Yahweh hence God's reminder that Moses is dead.  Finally, he is being called by God to embrace a new future and vision for his life hence God's command to arise.

These, I said, are partinent steps to the nation of Rwanda which is scared and wounded by a horendous history.  Yet rather than allow the past to cripple their future, God's three-fold call releases them into a new future of hope and meaning whose author is God Himself. 

Earlier, more than 300 pastors and Christian leaders attended the
Leadership Conference.  Here, Candy Kellen speaks on relationships.
I further warned them to be on guard in three critical battle fronts of which God warns Joshua about.  The first is the emotional front.  Eight times in nine verses, God warns Joshua against fear.  His call is to be bold and courageous. 

The second battlefront is intellectual.  God warns Joshua to guard against intellectual pride and arrogance but also against decay and disinterest (1:8).  Finally, God calls Joshua to watch the moral front.  In 1:7, God asks Joshua to be careful to do according to all the Law that he has been commanded.  We ended the evening with a time of prayer for the students and for their University.

Pastor Richard Munala from Minneapolis speaks on sexuality
at the Leadership Conference on Thursday attended by more than
300 Christian leaders from across different denominations
 Upto this point in our mission here in Huye, over 40,000 people have participated in our events.  More than 10,000 have prayed with us to receive Jesus Christ into their lives as the Lord and Savior.  We Give God the glory.

We have three events left to wrap up this week of intensive mission.  First we are hosting the government leaders for a dinner in a couple of hours.  Then tomorrow morning we have church ministry as well as an outreach to the city prison.  Nearly 3,000 prisoners are housed at the prison our team will be visiting for ministry. 

Earlier on Friday, Sammy speaks to residents of a rural village
outside the city of Butare where several of them prayed
to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Finally all the churches will end their servicesby 11:30 AM and then join each other for a Jesus match through their city streets.  The processions from the different directions of the city will end at the local stadium grounds where we will hold the final rally. 

Pray for me as I prepare to preach one more time to the expected huge crowd of people coming out to the final crusade on Sunday afternoon.  As many as 10 thousand people are expected to attend the closing rally.  

A neat story we heard today is that among the 10,000 plus people who have come to faith this week are five well-known witch doctors in the Butare area.  One of them, a lady, has consistently come to the outreach meetings in her neighborhood the last three days.  Those who practice witchcraft are usually highly feared in several African cultures including here in Rwanda.  We give God the glory for continuing to set His people free from the bondage of Satan and his powers.       

Aug 27, 2010

Rwanda Day 5- More than 8,000 Have Received Christ

Several hundred of Residents in one of Butare neighborhoods
respond to the altarcall for Salvation on Tuesday evening
following Sammy's message.  Since Monday, about 8000 people
have given their lives to Christ in different parts of the city.
It is now our fifth day since we kicked off outreach efforts here in Huye, Rwanda.  God is doing wonderful things as our partners pray.  In just five days, nearly 30,000 people have been ministered to.  As many as 8,000 have prayed with our team to receive Jesus Christ into their lives as Lord and Savior. 

The local follow-up teams are extremely busy gathering names, distributing booklets, assigning the 200 trained counselors to various groups of newly saved individuals.  It is now apparent that the 200 trained counsellors are too few for what God is doing here. 

One pastor wondered how they are going to care for all the people who are coming to Christ, suggesting that maybe we should stop the work for now until those that have responded to Christ are taken care off first.  Their is great joy as children, grown men, women, students, leaders, and people from different segments of Rwandan society are being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A teenage girl reads through the follow-up booklet prepared
by Africa Evangelistic Enterprise moments after
praying to receive Jesus on Thursday evening.
On Wednesday and Thursday, more than 300 pastors and Christian leaders representing different churches participated in our leadership conference.  God's presence was pulpable as they followed the teachings with great attention and anthusiasm. 

Pastor Richard Munala of Mzizi church, Minneapolis, Gary and Candi Kellen and I each presented leadership materials with a special focus on relationships as a fundamental component to transformational leadership. 

 Not to be left out, two elderly men pray to receive Christ
into their lives.  The elderly are a rare sight in Rwanda
because of the genocide in the 90s.
Not only did these leaders appreciate the material, but they saw their own need for repentance and deliverance.  After the openning session on Thursday morning, one pastor requested if instead of delving into the question and answer time we would pause and allow them to repent over some things that the Holy Spirit was convicting them about. 
Today Friday we will be wrapping up the University outreach with students.  Christian students have been reaching out to their fellow students going door to door and sharing the message of salvation with them.  Pray for me as I give the final message to these young leaders of Rwandan society.
A young girl in deep prayer on Thursday evening
Tomorrow Saturday, we will be reaching out to orphanned children before hosting 70 regional political leaders over dinner.  Guests expected include the provincial governor, the mayor of Butare city, several businessmen, parliamentary representatives as well as several lead pastors of the area.  Pray that God will touch their hearts through our message to see their need for salvation and God's help in their day to day leadership roles.    
  Jesus said, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Pray the Lord of the harvest that he may send more laborers.  As we continue with work here in Rwanda, we are also keenly aware of the shortage of resources to do what God has called us to do. 

Pray with us especially as we will be starting our Malawi mission early next week.  We are still in need of $ 9,000 to help us cover our ministry expenses.  As the Lord speaks to you and you are prompted to partner with us in this work, click on the donate button on the left side pannel of this page and help us complete this eight week mission successfully.  Come back over the weekend for more reports from Rwanda.

Aug 25, 2010

As you know by now, God is moving and doing great things as we continue with ministry here in Rwanda and Malawi next week. Over the last several days, already more than 5000 people have prayed to receive Christ into their lives as Lord and Savior. We are doing everything possible working with the churches here in Butare to make sure everyone is connected to a church. Thank you for continuing to pray.

With a few more days of evangelistic outreach to go that will touch every segment of the society here in Butare, we are anticipating that as many as 10,000 people will have made decisions for Christ by Sunday evening. What a joy!

Already 30,000 people have been ministered to here in Rwanda over the past four days. This is in addition to the large stadium events that are still to be held this weekend! 

Besides continuing to pray for us, we are greatly in need of financial resources in order to complete this work successfully. I request you to consider a generous gift that will go toward this mission and help us cover a $ 9,000 shortfall in our outreach budget. Please help us finish this work that we have started and bring glory to God. Would you prayerfully consider making a tax deductible contribution to help us reach Rwanda and Malawi for Christ? You can scroll down and click the donation button on the right.  Thank you and God bless you very abundantly.

Aug 24, 2010

Rwanda Day 2- More than 2500 Receive Christ Around Butare During Second Day of Mission

Several hundred Rwandan University Students listen to the message of Christ August 23rd

Gary joins in street dancing during an outreach in the
Muslim neighborhood as hundreds of residents watch.
It was another very fruitful day as our teams worked to multiply the impact around the city. In conjunction with Rwandan evangelists from around the country organized by African Evangelistic Enterprise Rwanda, we ministered in sixteen different venues around the city of Butare. 

To the glory of God, we have received more than 2,500 names of people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ from all the sixteen sites.  Our team from the United States worked in two locations.  I spoke twice to University students at the University of Rwanda.  

Several hundred kids pray with Sammy to receive
Jesus Christ into their lives in the Muslim neighborhood
Later in the evening, we preached at an open air in a muslim neighborhood. It is the main Muslim neighborhood here in Butare. To the glory of God, more than about 300 people, both young and old, prayed to receive Christ in this Muslim neighborhood. It was literally half of the audience that filled out the street.  

It was quite a scene described by one of the local pastors as a miracle to see more than 600 local people filling out the street and following the message of Christ. Glory to God!

Today I speak once again to students before preaching at a different neihborhood in the city. 

At the University meeting last evening, Gary and Candy shared their faith story highlighting how God healed Candy both from horrible back injury and most recently from blocked heart artery. 

Sammy speaking to students during an outreach to
the University of Rwanda August 23rd.
The audience was largely of Christian students.  Many were encouraged through our sharing and several of them prayed to redicate themselves to Christ. 

During the first lecture, I challenged them to grow like Jesus.  Taking Luke 2:40 and 2:52 as my texts, I highligted five areas that Jesus grew in.  The first was physical growth which also speaks of his humanity.  The second area was spiritual growth as He developed intimacy with God the Father. 

The third area was social/emotional growth.  Jesus demonstrates great emotional intelligence througout His life and ministry.  Emotional intelligence is a subset of social intelligence that involves one's own and other's feelings and emotions.  It requires one to descriminate among them and to use the information to guide one's thinking and actions.  The final area of Jesus' growth was the intellectual or mental growth.

Rwandan ladies dance to music during the
street outreach in the Muslim neighborhood.
Following the genocide, Rwanda is largely a country of mainly young people.  You would hardly see gray hairs here.  Majority of those graduating college automatically assume roles of great responsibility in society.  I reiterated to my audience that it would be tragic if as a nation, Rwanda would be led by people of great minds but of little or no moral character and suffering from spiritual bankrupcy. 

Today Tuesday, I will once again be speaking to students at the University as well as preaching in a different location of the city as we continue with multiple site preaching around the city.   Please pray for strength and renewal for us.  Our team is experiencing a bit of physical exhaustion and frequent dehydration. I had a pounding headache most of yesterday in the midst of my four times of preaching.  Gary also woke up this morning with a headache. 

Sammy will once again be speaking to
students at the University at noon.
Today Gary, Candy and pastor Richard Munala who got in this morning, are staying home to prepare to speak at the leadership conference tomorrow morning.  The leaders are eagerly awaiting to learn and grow in their leadership skills.