Aug 22, 2010

Rwanda Day 1- 300 pray to receive Jesus

At this church where Sammy ministered on Sunday
 morning, 18 people prayed to receive Christ.
More than 300 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ today during the openning events of Rwanda for Jesus Mission here in Huye Rwanda.  This morning during the service at one of city churches, eighteen people received Christ into their lives as Lord and Savior after our preaching.  I spoke from Revelation 5:1-5.  More than a thousand others sought prayer for healing and various other needs.
City Pastors representing all of the churches of Butare stand
to be acknowledged by the people at openning Rally. An estimated
5000 people attended the openning night.

City Pastors representing Butare churches stand to be acknowledged by the people (left)
at openning Festival. An estimated 5000 people attended openning Rally 
Although Gary and Candie did not ask if there were any who wanted to receive Christ at their service which was at a Presbyterian church, participants reported being blessed by their ministry.  They both shared their testimonies and challenged those present to seriously consider how they want to spent their eternity, either with or without God.

Sammy leads those who responded in a
repentance prayer at the openning Rally
This evening all the churches in the city of Huye came together for the kick-off rally at the local stadium.  The audience was estimated by the local pastors as being between 5-6500.  Following colorful presentations of choirs and singing, I spoke from Matthew 10:28 regarding Jesus' invitation to come to Him. The people sat attentively, following every word as Jesus was proclaimed.   

Following the invitation to receive Jesus into their lives, about 115 adults and nearly 200 children came forward in response (actual numbers will be presented to us later by the follow-up team).  We give God the glory for a great start to our mission here in Rwanda.  

About 300 People responded to recieve
Jesus into their lives at opennig Rally
Continue to pray that our efforts over the next seven days of outreach will bear great fruit that remains.  One of the really neat stories was for me to see the celebration of the pastors as they welcomed us back to their city.  They reported joyfully that many people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ during our outreach in 2006 are attending their churches. They were overjoyed when they heard that I was coming back as the evangelist for these events.  

Pray for us as well as for the local teams of evangelists as they preach in every corner of the city during the day.  I will also be speaking eight times to students at Rwanda's main University starting tomorrow noon. 

Gary and Candy ministered to believers at the
local Presbyterian church earlier in the day.
Gary and Candy are looking forward to spending time with the leaders at the leadership conference on Wednesday and Thursday.  They will be joined in presenting by Pastor Richard Munala of Mzizi church international in Minneapolis, MN.  Pray for them as they finalize the presentations that God will use them to deeply impact the leaders in this city. 

Glory to God for a Great Launch to mission Rwanda.


  1. Praise God for the good report! He answers prayer! He hears His beloved and answers with a mighty thunder causing him to stand out!!!