Aug 24, 2010

Rwanda Day 2- More than 2500 Receive Christ Around Butare During Second Day of Mission

Several hundred Rwandan University Students listen to the message of Christ August 23rd

Gary joins in street dancing during an outreach in the
Muslim neighborhood as hundreds of residents watch.
It was another very fruitful day as our teams worked to multiply the impact around the city. In conjunction with Rwandan evangelists from around the country organized by African Evangelistic Enterprise Rwanda, we ministered in sixteen different venues around the city of Butare. 

To the glory of God, we have received more than 2,500 names of people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ from all the sixteen sites.  Our team from the United States worked in two locations.  I spoke twice to University students at the University of Rwanda.  

Several hundred kids pray with Sammy to receive
Jesus Christ into their lives in the Muslim neighborhood
Later in the evening, we preached at an open air in a muslim neighborhood. It is the main Muslim neighborhood here in Butare. To the glory of God, more than about 300 people, both young and old, prayed to receive Christ in this Muslim neighborhood. It was literally half of the audience that filled out the street.  

It was quite a scene described by one of the local pastors as a miracle to see more than 600 local people filling out the street and following the message of Christ. Glory to God!

Today I speak once again to students before preaching at a different neihborhood in the city. 

At the University meeting last evening, Gary and Candy shared their faith story highlighting how God healed Candy both from horrible back injury and most recently from blocked heart artery. 

Sammy speaking to students during an outreach to
the University of Rwanda August 23rd.
The audience was largely of Christian students.  Many were encouraged through our sharing and several of them prayed to redicate themselves to Christ. 

During the first lecture, I challenged them to grow like Jesus.  Taking Luke 2:40 and 2:52 as my texts, I highligted five areas that Jesus grew in.  The first was physical growth which also speaks of his humanity.  The second area was spiritual growth as He developed intimacy with God the Father. 

The third area was social/emotional growth.  Jesus demonstrates great emotional intelligence througout His life and ministry.  Emotional intelligence is a subset of social intelligence that involves one's own and other's feelings and emotions.  It requires one to descriminate among them and to use the information to guide one's thinking and actions.  The final area of Jesus' growth was the intellectual or mental growth.

Rwandan ladies dance to music during the
street outreach in the Muslim neighborhood.
Following the genocide, Rwanda is largely a country of mainly young people.  You would hardly see gray hairs here.  Majority of those graduating college automatically assume roles of great responsibility in society.  I reiterated to my audience that it would be tragic if as a nation, Rwanda would be led by people of great minds but of little or no moral character and suffering from spiritual bankrupcy. 

Today Tuesday, I will once again be speaking to students at the University as well as preaching in a different location of the city as we continue with multiple site preaching around the city.   Please pray for strength and renewal for us.  Our team is experiencing a bit of physical exhaustion and frequent dehydration. I had a pounding headache most of yesterday in the midst of my four times of preaching.  Gary also woke up this morning with a headache. 

Sammy will once again be speaking to
students at the University at noon.
Today Gary, Candy and pastor Richard Munala who got in this morning, are staying home to prepare to speak at the leadership conference tomorrow morning.  The leaders are eagerly awaiting to learn and grow in their leadership skills.   

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