Jan 23, 2012

From Darkness to Light...India's Deepest Prayer!

The shrine of Om in ancient city
of Hyderabad, India
People reverendly approach an altar dedicated
to Hindu god Om in the ancient city of Hyderabad
"From untruth lead me to truth. From darkness lead me to light. From death lead me to eternal life. Let there be peace!" This is a quotation from the Hindu Sanskrit that perhaps represents India’s highest and noblest quest. And I say, Amen!
India's future lies in the truth of Christ.

After being here for the last ten days, I can tell that India’s need is not so much material as it is spiritual. This might come as a surprise to some in the West, given that no other place on earth teems with gods and goddesses like does India. They occupy her peaks and valleys.

Here, men and women bow down in reverence to Om that is considered the Brahman along with a million other gods.

A crowded street.  With over 1.2 billion people
and just 2% Christian population, India
desperately needs the Gospel of Christ
Yet their hearts are left with great and deep longing. Their hearts are empty of the tranquility they seek in the high places. For om is nothing but an idol.

Believers pray for the salvation
of India during a Sunday service in Chennai 
To India I say, Christ is the Truth…your truth. Christ is the Light…your Light. Christ is the giver of Eternal Life…your Eternal Life. Christ is the Prince of Peace…your Peace! Christ is who you need in order to realize your highest and noblest quest.

God is doing great things as people pray.  This past Sunday
I ministered in this 5 AM service and four other times
throughout the day in Chennai. Many are coming to faith.
Christ is who India needs to bestow dignity and sanctity to her subjects that live under the curse of the caste. Christ is who India needs in order to be free from the demonic oppression that dominates entire communities holding them hostage to fear and to classism.

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Pray with our ministry team this week as we commence our week-long campaign to proclaim Christ in various arenas here in South India. Pray for open hearts and minds among students in High Schools and Universities. Pray for the salvation of multitudes in the.

Pray for the believers to be strengthened and energized as we encourage them. Pray for our team to be strong, healthy and nourished throughout our time here. Pray for our families back home to be strengthened, healthy, and encouraged throughout our absence.  Pray that Satan will not have access to attach them with sickness, discouragement or loneliness.  

Please, stand in the gap with us so that the Gospel of Christ may go forth in power throughout this vast land of India.  

In Christ, with Christ, for Christ!